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AB1 - The Denley Train Wreck of July 4, 1908 by Beach (No.2.)
AB2 - ALC Forest Lodge, Honnedaga Lake (Wicks Camp, West Canada Creek)
AB3 - The Old Arnold House at Fulton Chain
AB4 - Camper with newspaper
AB5 - Otter Lake Hotel
AB6 - Fulton Navigation Pier, Old Forge
AB7 - View from Paige Hill at Speculator
AB8 - Indian Lake from mouth of Squaw Brook
AB9 - Lake Pleasant near south end
AB10 - A small mountain lake - pub. by Lake Placid Club
AB11 - St. Mary of the Snows Church, Otter Lake
AB12 - The AClearwater@
AB13 - Balanced Rock, Bald Mt.
AB14 - Balanced Rock, Bald Mt.
AB15 - 4th Lake from Black Bear Mt.
AB16 - Blue Mt. Lake
AB17 - Piseco Lake from Morehouse Mt.
AB18 - The inlet, 5th Lake
AB19 - Home of Robert L. Stevenson
AB20 - An Adirondack trail
AB21 - Presbyterian Church, Old Forge
AB22 - Lookout on 7th Lake
AB23 - View from crest of Blackbear Mt.
AB24 - McKeever from the hilltops
AB25 - Pond & Mill at McKeever
AB26 - On Long Lake ??? (Little or Big Long Lake?)
AB27 - Pullmans Mill, Thendara
AB28 - Unidentified Mill


FR1 - Early Forestport
FR2 - Unidentified mansion
FR3 - Back view of Forestport
FR4 - Forestport
FR5 - Presbyterian Manse, Forestport
FR6 - Winter on the Black River
FR7 - Winter on Forestport Street
FR7a - Shanks Socony & Hotel Albert, Forestport
FR8 - Bakery Ad, Forestport
FR8a - Flip side of Bakery Ad, Forestport
FR9 - Black River at Forestport
FR10 - The First Lock, Forestport
FR11 - Presbyterian Church, Forestport
FR11a - Apartment building, Forestport
FR12 - Christ Church, Forestport
FR13 - Ruins of Forestport Union School/Library
FR14 - Ruins of Forestport Union School/Library
FR15 - Ruins of Forestport Union School/Library
FR16 - Ruins of Forestport Union School/Library
FR17 - Ruins of Forestport Union School/Library
FR18 - Forestport Library and Union School
FR19 - Forestport Library and Union School
FR20 - Forestport Union School
FR21 - Forestport Library with Union School in background
FR22 - Kernan Home in Forestport
FR23 - Mrs. F. Connors & Miss Smith
FR24 - Residences of Frank Hitchcock & Geo. D. Wick of Forestport
FR25 – Kernan’s, Forestport
FR26 - A Forestport Street Scene 1
FR27 - A Forestport Street Scene 2
FR28 - Forestport Post Office & General Store
FR29 - Presbyterian Church in Forestport
FR30 - Sam Utley’s Harness Shop on the left
FR31 - Gas Station in Forestport
FR32 - Dr. George Kilborn, Forestport
FR33 - Depot & Train at Forestport Station
FR34 - Depot & Train at Forestport Station
FR35 - The Railroad House, Forestport Station
FR36 - Annual Winter Outing - Forestport Station Depot
FR37 - Skiing Party - location & people not definitely known
FR38 - Winter in Forestport
FR39 – Bird’s Eye View of Forestport
FR40 - Black River in Forestport
FR41 - Black River in Forestport
FR42 - Black River in Forestport below the bridge
FR43 - Black River in Forestport
FR44 - The Dam at Forestport
FR45 - Black River in Forestport
FR46 - Bridge across feeder canal on River St, Forestport - Hartman & Gallagher houses
FR47 – Farley’s Feedmill from the river - also housed the early electric generator
FR48 - Street Scene in Forestport
FR48a - Lunch time in Forestport – that’s a 1930 license plate
FR49 - Pennington Pulp Mill, Forestport
FR50 - Forestport, in the suburb of Woodhull
FR51 - Forestport, a river of logs
FR52 – Ano’s Mill on Little Woodhull
FR53 - State dam, Forestport
FR54 - Black River at Forestport
FR55 - Henri Utley house & bridge to Dutch Hill
FR56 - Bridge next to Utley house in Forestport
FR57 - Waste Weir, Black River Canal, Forestport, next to Utley house
FR58 - High water under bridge near dam, Forestport
FR59 - High water in Forestport
FR60 - Forestport, above the dam, taken from the big bridge
FR61 - Black River
FR62 - Forestport, below the bridge
FR63 - After the storm in Forestport
FR64 - Not identified
FR65 - Earle Vanderhoot & Kade Clark of Forestport
FR66 - Unknown family
FR67 - Woodhull Pond
FR68 - Kernan House, Forestport
FR68a - Kernan House, Forestport
FR69 - Woodhull
FR69a - Mill at Woodhull
FR70 - Big Moose Depot and vicinity
FR71 - Unknown location
FR72 - State dam, Forestport
FR73 - View from the Forge House in Old Forge
FR74 - Forestport Station - Man with paper in pocket is Edwin Utley - Girl peeking over shoulder is Laura Utley -Man in back of white cap is Leon Laux - Girl holding snow shoes is Doris Utley
FR75 - Car accident at twin bridges, Forestport
FR76 - Black River Dam, Forestport
FR77 - Post Office, Forestport
FR78 - Frank Connors Store, Forestport
FR79 - Frank Connors Ad
FR80 - Forestport – Porter’s Meat Market on the right
FR81 - Forest Port House
FR81a - Forest Port House
FR82 - Forestport Dam
FR83 - Utley Paint Shop - Edwin Utley standing, Henri Utley by steps, & Anson King
FR84 - River St. Looking north - Utley paint shop on left, Parson blacksmith shop on right
FR85 - Delivery wagon for wood & coal, Forestport
FR86 - George Parsons Antique Shop
FR87 - Utley Harness Shop & Utley house on the left
FR88 - Near the church, Forestport
FR89 - Black River
FR90 - River Street, Forestport
FR91 - Woodhull
FR92 - Forestport Station
FR93 - Fred Liddle’s home in Forestport
FR94 – Ano’s Mill on Little Woodhull
FR95 - Island on Woodhull Pond


UF1 - Sam Utley’s home & harness shop
UF2 - The Bill Miller & Manson Lyons homes on Dutch Hill Rd, Forestport
UF3 - Sam Utley home & harness shop at end of the street - Forestport
UF4 - Bill & co-worker in 1912
UF5 - Postcard sent to Edwin Utley in 1907
UF6 - S.W. Utley harness ad
UF6a - flip side of S.W. Utley harness ad
UF7 - Ed Utley Paint Shop - Forestport
UF8 - Ed Utley Paint Shop - Forestport
UF9 - Edwin Utley & his paint shop - Forestport
UF10 - Edwin Utley at work - Forestport
UF11 - Edwin Utley’s Paint Shop - Forestport
UF12 - Joseph B. Salzman in uniform
UF13 - Christ Church Choir, Forestport - #1 is Laura Utley, #3 is Doris Utley - 1909
UF14 - Sisters Doris, Hilda, & Laura Utley next to the canal in Forestport
UF15 - The Utleys
UF16 - John & Melissa Utley at their home in Forestport
UF17 – Utley’s Forestport home at the Dutch Hill Bridge over Black River Canal
UF18 - Cecelia, Laura with baby, & Henri Utley
UF19 - Forestport Band - Henri Utley with horn, Sam Utley with clarinet - 1915
UF20 - The Utley Family, Forestport, 1909
UF21 - Edwin Utley in front of his paint shop in Forestport after snowstorm
UF22 - Edwin Utley in front of his house
UF23 - The Utley Forestport home in winter
UF24 - Postcard sent to Edwin Utley during First World War
UF24a - Flip side of the Postcard sent to Edwin Utley
UF25 - Postcard from Montana
UF26 - Melissa Sippell Utley
UF27 - Melissa Utley at her Forestport home
UF28 – Utley’s Forestport home
UF29 - Geo. Kilbourn, Geo. Parsons, Edwin Utley, Minnie O’Conner of Rome, Lewis Olney
UF30 - Edwin Utley at the Paint Shop with friends in Forestport. Calendar on the wall reads September, 1911.
UF31 - Edwin Utley in Paint Shop in Forestport
UF32 - Edwin Utley at White Lake
UF33 - Forestport Station - Man with paper in pocket is Edwin Utley - Girl peeking over shoulder is Laura Utley -Man in back of white cap is Leon Laux - Girl holding snow shoes is Doris Utley
UF34 - Pullmans Mill in Thendara
UF34a - Pullmans Mill painting of accident
UF34b - article on Pullmans Mill accident
UC1 - Camp Utley at White Lake - Laura, Melissa, Mr. Schooley, Edwin Utley
UC2 - Early Camp Utley at White Lake with no roof on the side porch
UC3 - Camp Utley’s boathouse at White Lake
UC4 - Utley boathouse, ice house on the right
UC5 - Camp Utley, behind the trees, at White Lake
UC6 - White Lake woods
UC7 - View from Camp Utley’s porch
UC8 - Camp Utley, White Lake
UC9 - Edwin Utley in front of the camp at White Lake
UC10 - Side view of Camp Utley
UC11 - Edwin Utley, south woods, Camp Utley
UC12 - A winter outing at Putt’s Monument, White Lake
UC13 - Camp Utley view at White Lake
UC14 - Doris Utley (seated), Cecil and Laura Utley
UC15 - Edwin Utley and ??G. Gouger?? Snowshoeing
UC16 - Melissa Utley - 100 years, mother of Henri, Edwin, & Sam. Grandmother to Laura, Doris, & Hilda
UC17 - Edwin Utley near the camp, walking through the woods
UC18 - Camp Utley at White Lake
UC19 - Front of Camp Utley at White Lake in 2000
UC20 - Across White Lake from Camp Utley
UC21 - Painting of Camp by E. Utley
UC22 - Camp Utley - 1987
UC23 - Original Camp Utley stairway - 1986 (built in 1895)
UC24 - Sign above doorway
UC25 - View of White Lake from camp porch in 2000
UC26 - Early view of stairway area
UC27 - Original Camp interior (Built in 1895)
UC28 - Camp Utley, White Lake, 1999
UC29 - Living Room at Camp Utley, White Lake - Calendar set for January, 1911
UC30 - Back of the Utley camp
UC31 - Side view of Utley camp
UC32 - Camp Utley Bathing Beach, White Lake
UC32a - Camp Utley Bathing Beach, White Lake


WL1 – Utley’s Camp, White Lake
WL2 - The Lakeside House, White Lake
WL3 - Laura Laux & Doris Carpenter in boat leaving Lakeside House for Camp Utley 70's
WL4 - Motoring on White Lake - Icehouse on the point
WL5 - After the fire, Outlet Bay, White Lake, June 4th, 1903
WL6 - McIntire Hotel, White Lake
WL7 - Hotel App & Residences, White Lake Cor.
WL8 - White Lake Depot & Train (boy in knickers is John Isley, Sr.)
WL9 - Big Island on White Lake from Lakeside House
WL10 - View of White Lake from second lake. Note Utley boathouse, 2 small islands, few trees, and large island
WL11 - White Lake
WL12 - Henri Utley rowing on White Lake
WL13 - White Lake
WL14 - A snowy White Lake
WL15 - Boat house at Camp Utley, White Lake, built 1907
WL16 - Scan of photo of Studors, White Lake
WL17 – Putt’s Monument
WL18 - Road along edge of White Lake
WL19 - White Lake from State Road near Camp Russell
WL20 - White Lake Lodge - wide view
WL21 - White Lake looking N from road - wide view
WL22 - White Lake - wide view
WL23 - White Lake from Lakeside House - wide view
WL24 - Round Lake Farm - WLCrnrs
WL25 - Round Lake Camp of Masonic Home
WL26 - Round Lake Camp of Masonic Home
WL27 - Round Lake - WLCrnrs - Schooley Photo
WL28 - White Lake RR Station
WL29 – Putt’s Monument, White Lake
WL30 – Putt’s Monument Cave, White Lake
WL31 – Putt’s Monument, White Lake
WL32 – Putt’s Monument, White Lake Crnrs
WL33 - News Clipping on White Lake Ice House
WL34 - White Lake Ice House
WL35 - White Lake Ice House
WL36 - White Lake Ice Cutters Camp
WL37 - White Lake Ice House
WL38 - Ice Harvesting, White Lake
WL39 - Cutting Ice, White Lake
WL40 - Scene from camp (possibly)
WL41 - Scene at Island (possibly)
WL42 - Logging in White Lake area
WL43 - Logging in White Lake area
WL43a - Logging in White Lake area
WL44 - White Lake area logging camp
WL45 - Big Island & Boat House at White Lake
WL46 - White Lake - Pollard Photo
WL47 - Presbyterian Church, WhLkCrnrs- Road now Rt28 - Summer services in 1997
WL48 - Corliss Store, White Lake Corners
WL48a - Corliss Store, White Lake Corners
WL49 - Glimpse of White Lake
WL50 - Sunset on White Lake
WL51 - Rolling the road in White Lake Aug. 4, 1913
WL52 - White Lake Corners
WL53 - White Lake from Dominee Bay
WL54 - Lakeside House, White Lake
WL55 - Looking south from boathouse at Camp Utley
WL56 - White Lake
WL57 - A beautiful spot, White Lake
WL58 - A view from Lakeside House
WL59 - White Lake
WL60 - The Narrows from White Lake Lodge
WL61 - Among the spruces, White Lake
WL62 - Big Pine Tree Camp on White Lake
WL63 - Little Long Lake
WL64 - White Lake
WL65 - White Lake
WL66 – Brand’s boat house, White Lake

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